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vintage wood platter large

Item # 903.0077
Vintage Platters are a "one of a kind" product.  They often originate from older wine barrels that may have aged wine 20 years ago or they may have unique or rare markings.  The platters are built by hand in a workshop in upstate New York.  Each platter is coated three times with food-safe beeswax to protect the wood.  The iron handles are forged in a Brooklyn workshop, every step by hand the old-fashioned way, by heating the iron and hand bending it in a series of jigs.
• reconstructed from the ends of vintage wine barrels
• each platter is unique and varies in terms of markings and exact patina
• iron handles
• food safe with a multiple coatings of high-grade beeswax
• integrated lazy susan
• approximately 21-23" diameter
• includes organic beeswax for care at home
• imported

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