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The Djärv Bike Bag

Item # 406.0072
Inspired by the lifesaving roll cages used in racing cars, the construction of The Djärv Bike Bag centers around the unique and patented DB Roll Cage, which is an internal frame work that protects the bike while at the same time creates stability and structure to the bag. The patented DB Roll Cage offers superior protection against impact and pressure loads compared to a conventional soft bag. Because of the aluminum frame, The Djärv Bike Bag performs like a hybrid between a soft bag and a hard case bag with a very good protection-to-weight ratio.
• inspired by race cars, the savage creates a durable, steady and compressible bike bag
• patented db roll cage construction
• integrated wheel compartments
• secures with locking levers
• internal stash pocket for pedals and tools
• detachable fork protector
• road bike adaptor
• reinforced with webbing and hypalon fabric
• transforms from 340 liters to 120 liters
• 57" l x 34" h x 12" w fully unpacked
• imported

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