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The Strøm 90 L Rollerbag

Item # 406.0060
Designed as a large cargo room built into a steady roller, this bag is meant to be loaded. The whole Strøm 90 L Rollerbag opens in one single motion, providing easy access to whatever is needed – just like having an own cargo container on the go. Big wheels and a sturdy handle allows for smooth navigation, whilst the hook-up system lets you easily attach your backpack for a lighter travel experience. Let’s roll!
• a big bag for big adventures
• db patented rib cage construction keeps it lightweight while protective
• large main compartment
• inside mesh pockets
• db hook-up system compatible
• name card insert
• 33.5" l x 19.7" w x 11.8" d
• 90 liter volume
• weighs 10.8 lbs
• imported

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