Prices are for skis only. Ski boots and helmets are available to rent for an additional charge.
For questions regarding rentals or reservations, an equipment specialist is available from 8am - 8pm at 970-476-2294.

Premium Demos


Zai Demo $125

Hand built in Disentis Switzerland. Zai is an industry leader in the use of exotic materials. These skis take their beauty and your skiing to a new level.

All-Mountain: Testa, Spada, Deneriaz, St. Moritz, Franco, Bentley
Powder: Laisa
Carving: Scadin

Wagner Demo $82

Custom handbuilt product made in Colorado. We partnered with Wagner to produce skis that are perfect for the Rocky Mountain region.


Ski Demos

Demo - $62

The Newest and Highest performance equipment tailored to match the terrain you want to enjoy and the conditions that exist upon your arrival.

All Mountain Atomic Vantage, Black Crows Orb, Black Crows Captis Birdie, Head Super Joy, Head Total Joy, K2 Alluvit 88, K2 Pinnicle 88, K2 Poacher, Kastle FX85 HP, Kastle FX95 HP, Kastle MX Limited, Rassignol Sky 7 HD, Rossignol Experience 88 HD, Rossignol Smash 7, Volkl Kenja, and Volkl RTM
Powder Black Crows Atris, K2 Fulluvit 95, K2 LuvBoat 105, K2 Pinnacle 95, Kr Pinnicle 105, Kastle BMX 105, and Rossignol Soul 7 HD

Ski Rentals

Adult Ski Rental - $39

The K2 AMP RX is a perfect ski for the beginner to mellow intermediate skier that is looking for something that will be very forgiving. The Composite core is soft and easy flexing, and will not need lots of effort to have the ski react when and how you want it to.

Junior Ski Rental - $26

The Volkl RTM is a great tool for the young ones to learn on. Ample side cut and tip and tail rocker make this ski easy to have fun on. Junior skis are for kids 100 lbs or less.


Adult Snowboard Demo Package - $65

We offer Burton's latest Men's and Ladies specific boards. Includes board and boots.

Adult Snowboard Rental Package - $50

We offer Buton's Learn To Ride ( LTR) and Progression boards. These boards make it easy for a begginer or for a smooth re introduction to the sport. Includes board and boots.

Junior Snowboard Package - $28

Burton's junior LearnTo Ride (LTR) decks are a fun introduction to the sport. Includes board and boots.