Miracle Icons

pyrite goldstone wrap bracelet

Item # 719.0047
New York-based Miracle Icons was founded by Nebraska native Mary Jo Pane in 2001. Featuring beaded bracelets and necklaces, the collection is known for its rich blend of Eastern and Western spiritual elements. Inspired by the events surrounding 9/11, the self-taught jewelry designer seeks to promote a feeling of spiritual well-being through her use of saintly charms and rare religious iconography in this gender-neutral line.  

Antique and vintage spiritual icons used to create one of a kind bracelets and necklaces that promote a feeling of spiritual and bodily well-being. Miracle Icons resonate with an evolved world view, an openness to possibilities beyond intellectual understanding and with a sense of spirit that transcends specific religious beliefs.
• 4 mm faceted pyrite, goldstone and dumortierite beads
• unique vintage icon + ex voto heart medallion
• can be worn as bracelet or necklace
• made in usa

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