Churchill Wit And Wisdom

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Sir Winston Churchill, statesman, orator and former Prime Minister was a man whose words gave hope and inspiration to the British people, and many are as relevant today as they were during the war years. Churchill Wit and Wisdom is a celebration of this outstanding figure in British history. Presented in 200 photographs hand picked from the vast archives of the Press Association, it covers the major events in Churchill's life: from his birth and early days at Blenheim Palace to his marriage and the birth of his children; his service in the army, war correspondence and role as First Lord of the Admiralty, and appointment as Chancellor the Exchequer; his formation of government as wartime Prime Minister and the political and cabinet posts held during almost 50 years; his career as a historian and author and his hobby as a sensitive artist; in addition to the many honors bestowed upon him, his decline, retirement and death at the age of 90 and the state funeral granted to him by the Queen.


• a celebration of this outstanding figure in british history
• bound by hand in bonded leather
• 200 photographs
• 192 pages
• 6.5" l x 6.5" w

Color  BLACK


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