A Birth Day For Hannah

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In this rhyming story with fabulous photos of adorable Bernese Mountain Dog puppies, Hannah, a Bernese, gives birth to her first litter of puppies. The book follows the development of the bouncy Bernese pups over eight weeks, as their antics grow. The puppies enjoy some of the same activities that children like, such as playing in the mud, taking a bath, and being loved by their mother. Not only does Hannah literally have a birth day, but the puppies also celebrate a birthday together with cake and a party just before going to their new homes. Hannah loves all of her babies and is upset that they have to leave home, but she lucks out when one puppy gets to stay behind to live with her!


• hannah gives birth to 9 adorable bernese puppies in this children's photo book
• follow the development and antics of the puppies

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