The right equipment can make all the difference—and that’s the core of our collaboration with Wagner Custom. Wagner Custom Skis makes skiing more enjoyable by designing skis that are matched to your exact needs. They are able to choose the perfect profiles, materials and construction to create your one-of-a-kind ski. Your perfect-fit skis will uniquely match your skier needs and improve your balance, comfort, and control. They will help you determine your optimal combination of ski length, width, sidecut radius, camber/rocker, stiffness, flex pattern, tip/tail shapes, and materials.

Each year Wagner builds hundreds of custom skis for people all over the world. Each ski varies in length, width, sidecut, tip/tail shapes, rocker/camber profiles, and is made up of a different handpicked combinations of materials with diverse stiffness/flex patterns. But what makes each ski even more special to its owner is the unique topsheet they help design and pick. Wagner offers stock topsheet options, wood veneers and custom graphic designs.

For more information please stop by one of our stores or call 970-476-2294