Without proper support, feet can quickly become fatigued causing a number of issues such as inflammation, pain and injury. Our custom insoles will help eliminate these issues by correcting your alignment and posture from the ground up.

Using 3D imaging and our state-of-the-art milling machine, we are able to create a custom insole to address your specific needs. We offer three custom insole options: active, ski, and everyday.

Running hiking on a rocky mountain


- Made with a triple layer of EVA Foam
- Constructed based on your sport or activity/special sport footwear
- Provide increased stability, support and comfort
- Shock absorption
Male skier on steep powder cornice


- Made with a double layer of EVA Foam
- Constructed to fit perfectly into the shell and liner of your ski boot. It's also the perfect liner for ice skates or bike shoes.
- Increase endurance, strength and performance
- Shock absorption
Women shoes demonstrating comfort


- Made with a single layer EVA Foam
- Designed with a thinner profile and cross section for dress shoes or any low volume footwear
- Prevents injury, relieves pain, increases efficiency


"Getting Gorsuch orthotics is the best thing I've done for myself in a long time! Before I got them, I had pain skiing, I had pain standing for long periods and I even had pain walking. Now I can ski all day without thinking about my feet. I was able to take a 16 mile hike this summer! These orthotics are worth every penny. Dano is the man!" – Jennifer Haskell
"I suffer from numerous orthopedic surgeries from extreme sports like skiing, mountain biking, martial arts and playing rugby for 10 years. As an aging athlete, I have used numerous athletic insoles for support and performance. Though each type provided some level of support for a short period of time, they didn’t last. Two years ago I was introduced to the Gorsuch Sport Performance (GSP) insole. It immediately made a difference in my foot and the way I stood. I felt balanced and in control of muscles in my lower body I had not felt in a while due to several back surgeries. Although the immediate changes impressed me, I was most taken back by how long my first pair lasted. Just a little over a year, interchanging them between dress shoes, exercise and hunting, I saw very little breakdown. I am on my second rendition and continue to feel the benefits of this particular insole. It will be in my shoe for the rest of my athletic career." – Jeff Morgan
"I purchased custom insoles prior to a recent hiking trip in the Dolomites. After 100+ miles, I was hip and back pain free - I'm a believer. I'm surprised I ever let the cost stand in the way of something so beneficial." - Chris Randall

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