Excellence is something achieved through meticulous attention to detail...
our goal is to provide each customer with the perfect fit.
Welcome to the world of the Gorsuch Custom Fit Boot Experience.


Step 1
3-D Scan

  • We take a 3-D image scan of your feet and lower leg shaft including a plantar bottom view of your foot.

Step 2

  • Your technician expert reviews the scan, identifying crucial measurements.
  • Foot measurements are calculated using our revolutionary 3-D scanning technology.

Step 3
Shell Overlay

  • A 3-D scan of all our boots exist in our database.
  • Our state-of-the-art software program will make recommendations on ski boot shell options.
  • Your expert technician will then "virtually" overlay the recommended shell on your individual scan.
  • You will then see how this match addresses your specific needs based on your scan.

Step 4

We offer two types of insoles for skiing:
  • The conformable insole is made on site and is an excellent insole made in a weighted stance and addresses most issues.
  • If the technician feels that a true orthopedic insole is needed we can produce this insole at our 3D milling lab in the Vail Valley in about 2 to 3 days.

Step 5

  • We will discuss with you the options available for aftermarket liners and heating systems and help guide you in what your needs are.

Step 6

  • We now construct your insole and start doing shell modifications.
  • Shell "lasting" is done to accommodate abnormalities and to create space for positive movement patterns.

Step 7

  • Now that "lasting" is complete, we will put the boot back on your foot and check for overall fit.
  • In this final step the technician will check your alignment making sure that you are stacked over your feet.

Vail, Beaver Creek, Park City & Aspen

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